Getting into the drop shipping hype selling on Ebay

By on July 29, 2014
Getting into the drop shipping hype selling on Ebay

What is drop shipping? Getting into the drop shipping hype Selling on ebay

Perhaps you’ve thought once or twice about going for an online selling business, but thought otherwise due to reasons. For one, the startup capital required, considering the inventory, would be high. And with the involvement of inventory come its management and the risks involved in monitoring such, which could be a real problem in the future. Well now you can consider getting into it again, now that the drop shipping method could attend to all those troubles.

So what is drop shipping, exactly?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique wherein you, as the seller, won’t have to keep stock of the items that you sell. Instead, you simply partner with a wholesale supplier, and offer their products for sale. The process is that they stock their inventory, and every time you receive an order, you forward the shipment details and customer order to them. They, on the other hand, directly deliver the goods to the customer. And since it follows “private label shipping”, the wholesaler ships the goods to the customer with an invoice and a return address customized to your store. That way, your customers will not know that your business is actually drop shipping.

What is drop shipping

Putting up an online store and adopting the drop shipping method has its own benefits. Besides the convenience brought by not having to deal with large amounts of inventory, there is also, consequently, lower starting capital required. You can also sell a wider variety of items and a larger amount of goods to your customers without ever pre-purchasing those items and fearing about not being able to sell. In short, it’s almost like merely advertising in behalf of the wholesaler. Since it is an online store, a warehouse and an actual physical store won’t be part of your worries, and all you have to have is your laptop to transact. That also means lesser costs on general management and maintenance.

You can make your products available on online selling platforms like eBay and Amazon. Most of the sellers on the said site use drop shipping, and not everyone knows about it. With all those benefits brought about by drop shipping, selling on eBay just became a whole lot easier.

If you’re worrying about the profitability of the drop shipping method, then here’s the thing: drop shipping is perhaps the most convenient supply chain management technique out there, and it’s all up to you to handle the rest. All you need is dedication and hard work. Learn the ropes, learn what sells on eBay or products to sell online, learn how to market properly, expand your network and all that tricks, and in no time, you’ll find yourself bathing in a 6-digit profit margin.

What is drop shipping

Selling on eBay might sound really interesting, but if your heart’s not so much into it, then it might all just be a waste of time. Drop shipping is just an additional element to help you succeed. It’s always just a matter of will and dedication in business that could make an entrepreneur successful. With that two in mind, then it wouldn’t be surprising if you get to make it in the online selling industry.





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