Tips to Know What Sells on eBay

By on July 27, 2014
Tips to Know What Sells on eBay

Tips to Know What Sells on eBay


What sells on eBay – Online selling is another way to earn money from home. But to make your business profitable, you should offer what sells on eBay. It is a very important factor when you are aiming to earn much through online selling. You don’t just sell the things you want. A business needs techniques to grow and be profitable.

And knowing what sells on eBay and what’s not is one of those techniques.

Here are some tips to do that:

What sells on eBay #1

  1. Target the consumers’ needs and want

You have to do researching in order to make your business a successful one. No matter how much effort you put in your business, if the product does not have a big significance to the people, it will not be profitable.

Checking the bestseller lists is one way to know what products have high demands. However, you cannot exclusively rely on any list. What would happen to iPhone 5s once Apple released a new flagship phone? Of course, the demand of the product would drop down.

Thus, you also need to know the consumers’ necessity. The things we want are impermanent because they are only seasonal. What we want depends on the current trend. The things we need are constant because we used them on the daily basis. Yes, a perfume is just a luxury but its demand remains unchanged because a lot of people are using it every day.

What sells on eBay #2

  1. Sufficient and clear details

To make a product noticeable and notable on eBay, it should have clear details for the customers’ sake. You have to make an impressive product description which includes the item’s positive traits. But do not write a long product description because you will just bore the customers. Make it brief and concise.

State the reason why you are selling the item. Of course, the customer wants to make sure that the product he is going to have is not a defective one.

You also need to tell what comes with the product. For example, you are selling a cell phone. Does it have earphones and USB connector? Are you going to add freebies?

What sells on eBay #3

  1. Quality Picture

Do not just upload any photo of the product on the web. Just like what you do on the product description, the photo should also be clear. You should be sure, too, that it is an up-close picture. The customers want to see what they are buying. Do you think a blurry image can attract customers?

What sells on eBay #4

  1. A Good Title

Make a clear title and make sure that it is relevant to the product. If you are selling a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s, then state that in your title. Use all the characters allowed to say the product you are offering.

What sells on eBay #5

  1. Choose a product with a good reputation (if applicable)

It would be hard for you to sell a product with a bad image. Find a better product to offer.


It is easy to know what sells on eBay. The difficult part is to know how to sell them. Be sure that what you are doing is a business, not just a game. Be serious and dedicated about it.


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