What Is Affiliate Marketing?

By on February 19, 2014

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing (or link marketing) is a brand of performance-based marketing in which a company or business rewards multiple affiliates for each customer (or visitor) using their own marketing efforts. Link marketing sometimes overlaps with other online marketing systems to a certain degree, as many affiliates rely on regular advertising techniques. These techniques include e-mail marketing, pay-per-click and search engine optimization.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Link marketing is usually overlooked by advertisers. While e-mail ads, search engines and other web syndication forms captures attention from online retailers easily, link marketing carries a much lesser profile. However, an affiliate continues to play a vital role in every online retailer’s marketing strategy.

Link marketing is often compared with referral marketing. Both types of marketing are using “third parties” in directing sales to the retailer. On the other hand, both are separately relying on financial motivations in driving sales. Referral marketing alone depends on personal relationships and trust with the retailer.

Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate marketing sites are categorized by affiliate networks and internet advertisers (sometimes referred to as “merchants”). At present, the categorization isn’t based on industry-wide standards.

The link marketing sites listed below are generic but commonly used by many affiliate marketers.

  • Niche market and content websites, including product/service review sites
  • Rebate and coupon websites focusing on sales promotions
  • Web search affiliates utilizing pay-per-clicks and search engines in promoting online ad offers
  • Comparison websites and shopping directories
  • Web syndication feeds and weblogs
  • Websites with ad bars (e.g. Google AdSense)
  • Online shopping directories listing merchants without providing price comparisons or coupons

Other Commonly-Used Affiliate Marketing Sites

  • Co-registration affiliates (registration path) which provides offers from other merchants.
  • E-mail list affiliates – these are owners of opt-in emailing lists and newsletter affiliates that are heavy regardless of content
  • CRM websites offering charitable donations
  • Cost-per-action web networks (top-tier web affiliates) exposing offers from the advertiser in which they are affiliated
  • File-sharing websites – these are websites hosting directories of games, movies, music, eBooks and other software. Users upload their content to file-sharing sites before posting descriptions of that content and directing download links to web directories.
  • Video blogs allowing visitors to click a product/service related to the video posted.

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