DS domination Listing On Ebay For Profits

By on February 4, 2014

 DS domination Listing On Ebay For Profits

Im writing this article to explain a little bit about DS Domination. It’s a new company that just hit the market that is making a big name. I was keeping a close eye on this company for a while before I actually got started. Truth is even though I have been a marketer for some time now I fell off when I was going through some personal relationship issues in my life. The tough times had me in such a downward spiral that I just couldn’t focus on my online business anymore . During this time a good friend of mine in the marketing business reached out to me and told me about the company. We have been in many companies together and failed on numerous attempts. So when he contacted me and explained this company was like no other I listened.

He started with the company Ds Domination about 2 months prior and was already making $5000 a month in residual income . This made me excited to learn more about Ds Domination seeing how we have made so many mistakes with so many other companies out there.  He didn’t pressure me because he knew once I got involved with Ds Domination it would work for me as well. One day after I finally got the strength to get myself back in my marketing business I signed up. It only been a week at the time of this article and I already have sales coming in just from a small free ad I posted online.  Its by far one of the fastest and easiest companies to work for because it seems as everyone is making money with this company Ds Domination.

DS domination Listing Two Ways to Make Money

There is two ways to make money with this company DS Domination. The first way is to watch the videos and sell on ebay with out having to speak to anyone , ship anything out , or touch a product ever!  Its called drop shipping. When you list an item a customer will order this on ebay , you then order the product through one of the sites provided for a cheeper cost and you have this item drop shipped directly to the customer. There is many people making $500 ,$1000 and even $2000 a month just doing this with Ds Domination. In fact is the creator of the company Ds Domination was doing about a million dollar in sales a year for the last 10 years of him selling on ebay.

The second way to make money with Ds Domination is to utilize the affiliate site of the company. You will make 50% profits all sign ups for those savvy marketers . There is a very good commission structure in place to really make good money like my good friend who is making $5000 a month already in 2 months.  We have a team site in place with a lot of extra bonus tools you can use for free when you join our team. We have templates, capture pages , banners, training videos. This is all free for you when you join our Ds Domination team.

The cost of this product is only $20 a month , It literally cost more to fill up your tank of gas. Think about this would you spend $20 a month if it can make you a few hundred dollars a month? sure why not?  Im very excited about this program and ill be keeping you guys up to date  as I get more involved with the company. For now , take a look at this video that explains how you can start making money selling on ebay too. Its very easy copy and past work , its to easy not to take a peak.

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Why Should you Join my Team?

My Exclusive Team Bonuses:

  • 13 Step “How To” Marketing System (value $997)
  • Live Training Twisce Per Week (Value $97/month)
  • 20+ Custom Capture Pages (Value $497)
  • 20+ Custom Banner Ads (Value $297)
  • Team Custom Sales Funnels (Value ($297)
  • Campaign Tracking Software ( Value $49/month
  • Auto Responder (Value $20/month)
  • Text Marketing System ( $250/month)
  • Voice Broadcast System ($97/month)
  • Fully Customizable Website & Blog (Value $49/month)
  • YouTube/Facebook Poster (Value $49/month)
  • Custom Google Hangout Sales Platform (Value $197)
  • Access To Team Co-op Advertisments (Value Priceless)
  • Facebook Team Support Group With Over 7,000 Members (Value Priceless)

The total value of everything we offer is $2,847 with an ongoing monthly value of $611/month

You Get EVERYTHING for ONLY $19.95
When You Join My Team Today!

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More About Ds Domination and Pricing

DS Domination was launched in September of 2013 and It’s has been growing rapidly. Here is how the Pricing works for the affiliate side of DS Domination


$19.95 monthly for the Ds Domination PRO level – This Includes the Pro Level training and videos. This introductory product Roger takes you through 19 modules for beginners. This is Guide for earning profits with smaller items on eBay and Amazon. With profits typically range between $5-$100 per item sold. This Beginners level includes live webinars so you can begin to implement immediately to start making money online.
$99.00 monthly for the Ds Domination Elite Level – This is More advanced training. When you upgrade to Elite you will gain access to more sites to buy wholesale from as well as a scraping software tool that is going to not only make you more money but save you a lot of time. This product typically lets you make profits from $100-$200 per item sold. This comes with 10 training modules for people who want to take it to the next step.
$249.99 ONE TIME fee for the DS Domination Unleashed training course,software,videos.  This will train you one the most amazing strategies that allowed Roger to sell millions on eBay and become an eBay Power Seller. You will learn some of the very best kept secrets on where to buy wholesale from and more tools to make your life easier.  This will also show you secret cash back methods to receive 2%-20% back on items you’re ordering and even how to reduce your Paypal merchant fees. To learn more you have to just get the product because this top secret.
$499.00 ONE TIME fee for the DS Domination Monopoly training course,software,videos. By the end of this course you will know Amazon inside and out. You will know how to buy items at the lowest prices possible, how to effectively list products, how to research the best products to sell, and much much more.

These are some Extra Charges for the Affiliate side of Ds Domination :

$9.95 monthly to activate the affiliate side to start making sales using Ds Domination. this is optional and not mandatory to make money online using the drop shipping strategies taught in the other courses.
$199.00 One Time for DS Domination Market Extreme – This is Marketing Materials and training for affiliates and marketers looking for the best strategies on how to market the program you will find a lot of what you need to get started with this. This course  will cover everything from traffic to lead generation, lead follow up. This course comes with amazing live webinars from top level marketers. This teaches you how to master making money online.

 The DS in DS Dominaton stands for Drop Ship.

Here is the the definition of drop shipping , Drop shipping is to ship goods from a manufacturer or wholesaler directly to a customer. No stress in inventory or holding costs and zero shipping headaches.

If this concept is new to you don’t worry, The Ds Domination Video training is a step by step guide designed to take you from zero background to a profitable and capable of earning part time or full time income using the drop shipping method. Brand new people with zero experience are earning money online first time ever with DS Domination What makes drop shipping training in DS Domination amazing is that the actual products purpose is to help the user earn a steady income online. If you have spent hours trying to join business opportunities in the past you don’t need to worry about recruiting people in this business. The products are the path to making money online.

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