The Truth Behind Get-Rich Quick Schemes

By on July 15, 2013
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The Truth Behind Get-Rich Quick Schemes

Get-rich quickschemes are some of the latest trends in the internet nowadays. Many people want to achieve financial freedom without using that much effort on their part. But are these money-making schemes for real? Here are some of the most interesting facts that you may want to know this online opportunities.

Get-rich Quick Schemes: The Bad Side

Get-rich quick schemes gained its popularity in a wrong manner. Pyramid, Ponzi, matrix and advance fee schemes are some of the famous money-making scams in the history. People behind these fraudulent activities would convince potential investors to spend specific amount of money in their system in exchange of high returns of investment.

Don Lapre, his make-money secrets, and the best vitamin in the planet is a classic example of affiliate marketing that went wrong. Due to its outrageous claim, many people around the globe would rave about this wonder product. Apparently, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration conducted some tests on Don Lapre’s vitamin and proved that there are no scientific bases on his claims. Despite the FDA warnings, Donald Lapre continued his false claims and received many charges involving his wonder drug and rubbish internet business programs. On October 2, 2011, Donald Lapre committed suicide inside his cell while waiting for his court trial.

How To Identify Get-rich Quick Scams

If you are quite familiar in the online-based business programs, you will realize that identifying these online shams are quite easier than you think. Get-rich quick scams often come with interesting and catchy titles. They offer “secret formulas” to achieve huge sales in affiliate marketing. A promise of acquiring lots of money with minimal effort and doesn’t require top-notch marketing skills or knowledge in IT. And to top of it, you can achieve all these success in a very unrealistic timeframe.

Here’s the bottom line, many people like taking shortcuts in almost everything. They like to eat cheap fastfood products than cook their own dinner and get information thru the internet than visiting a local library. Because of this mindset, many people fall for these get-rich quick scams in the internet. Little they know, most of these programs don’t really work. And before they know it, a considerable amount of their hard-earned money is already lost.

Acquiring financial independence cannot be done in simple steps or be controlled in auto-pilot. It takes a lot of knowledge, experience and effort before you attain financial freedom. So if you’re thinking of getting into these types of programs, do yourself a favor, save your money and get rich slow.

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