Level One Network Review Ranking First Page

By on April 26, 2013
Ranking number one on google with level one network review

Level One Network Review Ranking First Page

Today an interesting thing happen , I literally woke up and ranked on the 1st page on Google. I began my campaigns for the level one when I first signed up a few weeks ago . Today I wake up with a surprise on my laptop,  I’m ranking a few of my webpages on the first page . This is the power of  Level one!  I decided to write this level one network review to announce my results. Just the other day I had one page ranking on the first spot of the search results, now I may of moved down to spot number three but that is still a great spot to rank on a keyword search term that gets 371,000,000 results.

Level one network review – Ranking on Google

Ranking on Google has become a big challenge for people all over the globe after the Google panda update. It seems as Google is updating their algorithm frequently these days. Don’t act so surprised this is most likely going to be an ongoing battle as Google tries to fight for good content that’s original. Some updates can be bigger then others but now we have to enter the new age and think about these updates. Once a pond a time you can enter some key words in the meta tags combined with some back linking techniques and rank on the first page. These days are over and ranking on the first page requires a lot more work then it did back in the past years.

Level One Network Review Google Panda Update Good or Not?

Is this a good thing? or bad? well, some of us might think this is a good thing. Even though its not easy for people to rank number one it makes it a better playing field while getting rid of the garbage on the internet. I admit at first I thought this was terrible. But after the panda update I went on a man hunt to do what it takes to get back up on top. I started studying how search engine ranking worked, it didn’t take long for me to pick up the techniques required to rank in search engines.

Ranking on search engines still remains a hard task to do and sometimes can take weeks of work to get where you want to be. Even when you get where you want to be the challenge still remains on how do I remain on the first page of search engines. This requires even more work and maintaining so its best if you keep track of your work. One thing happen that made this all come into place. I joined this blogging platform that changed it all for me. As you can see below I am ranking not one time but three times on the front page of Google.

ranking Top on google

The Level One Network Review My Achievements

The Level One Network has helped me achieve ranking on major keywords since I got involved with the blogging system in early march of 2013 . I admit I was skeptical at first but this feeling soon went away when I pulled in my first order from the level 1 network in less then 2 weeks.  The funny thing was I didn’t even have the Dan Miller’s training at first because I only had paid for the blogging platform and not the training.  The minute I received my first order one week later it didn’t take much convincing to buy the  Level 1 Network Dan Miller Master Training .  At that point I have seen what the potential of this platform was and I was ready to go all in with the training at any cost.  Last night I was catching up on some of the training and I picked up this one simple thing that put one of my keywords for another business back on the map! Its incredible because this Keyword just fell off the map for me when the panda update occurred. Over night I was able to rank for this search term that only months ago fell off the face of the earth. This great transformation is happening with everyone that is using  Dan Millers Training . Because of this it has Inspired me to write this article on the Level One Network Review. 

Level one network review – If your like me then this level one network review is for you

If your anything like I use to be then you have been trying to make something work for you while you eat, crap and breath making money everyday of your life. You spend countless hours trying to figure out how you are going to make extra income so you can live a stress free life . Just imagine not having to worry about money ever again. You wake up in the morning , put a few hours of work in and then your done for the day!  Wouldn’t that be just a dream come true . Maybe , you just need extra income to pay your rent or maybe you want to just enjoy life a little more with out having to worry about  your finances. Maybe you just want to take your spouse to a fancy restaurant  with out having to worry about paying for a nice meal and going broke. I can go on and on with this list but ill keep it simple , bottom line is only you can make the change in your life.

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