Level One Network – CAVEMAN to NINJA Review

By on March 23, 2013

Level One Network Company Going from Caveman to Ninja

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You probably asking your self what the “HELL” is this guy talking about?

Well, that’s what Id like to compare this article too.
If you have used other blogging platforms before let me tell you why I really love this one..

The main thing that caught my attention was its not a word press blog and designed with SEO in mind. The feature that I just love is when you make a blog post it will post your blog on the main page of the website. This alone is huge! Think about the exposure you will get by being on the front page. You will also be included in the main page RSS FEEDS just this alone persuaded me to start blogging on this platform.

There is defiantly a new trend out there and ever since empower network Company came into town , its seems like everyone is blogging these days.  I predict we will see a new rise in all these blogging systems that are making are way . So with all the choices out there it can be hard choosing what blogging network you want to use.  The great thing about these networks is because of the amount of new content that goes on these blogging platforms they get really good search engine ranking and clime to front page fast.  With that in mind this is why I was very interested in this new LEVEL ONE NETWORK blogging system.  Some see a new company and run, or they feel like they are not being faithful to there current other company .  But the truth is why not just apply all these blogs to work for you.  That’s just my personal opinion on that topic. There is a lot of ways we can implement these blogs to work for us.  I currently run about 5 blogs and I use every single one to monetize and back link my man blog .  Folks, these are high ranking blogs at the end of the day Id like to see my  blog on as many high ranking sites as possible. Wouldn’t you?


Now, I already have been seeing people out there trying to compare the to blogging systems Level One network and Empower Network Company .  You have Level One network lovers and Empower Network lovers, I’M not here to pass judgment on either or.  I use both sites and that’s just the way I like it. Each site has its pros and cons ,  But i honestly don’t care which one is better whats going to pay more or what ever the crap I hear out is.  I use these sites for traffic Plan and simple!  Yes if i make some money from the blogging platforms I’m not complaining that why where here to make money.  Each one of these sites will be great sites to use if you are trying to rank for keywords you wouldn’t normally rank for. Yes the Level One Network is a newer blogging platform and is why i made this article on this subject so I don’t want to var off to much off the main subject. Before I continue ,  Just keep this in mind .  Yes you may have a favorite blogging platform , Maybe you like one over the other. But why not just use them both to at least blog on.   The truth of the matter is most of us professionals out there are not using these blogs as our main blog. Everyone that I alt least seen in this industry that is worth talking about has their own personal branded site. I’m pretty positive they use these other platforms to make money as it should be.  So lets stop the bickering and lets just make some money.. Now that I got that off my chest lets talk about being a NINJA.

Ninja-Vs-Caveman10 things Ninja Do .. How do they Fit in your business?

  • Ninja don’t sweat.
  • Bullets can’t kill a ninja.
  • Ninja can breath underwater anytime they want.
  • Ninja always land on their feet. If they don’t have feet they will land on their nubs.
  • Ninja invented the internet.
  • Ninja have a bad temper when they lose at anything. They will usually cut off the winners head before they have time to gloat.
  • Go anywhere they want instantly
  • Catch bullets in their teeth
  • Can run 100 miles on their hands


Level One Network

So why do I Compare a caveman to a ninja?

Because its just that … Standard blogs require you do all the SEO work your self. With the Level One Network You are getting good google rankings just by being on the front main page of their blog, This is why this new blogging platform is building so much momentum so fast. Now most of you may have a blog and maybe you just don’t want to start a new blog.

“I know … More work! More work! ” I get it. But you’re looking at this in the wrong way. I love traffic and Ill do what ever I need to when it comes to getting good quality traffic. So forget the Caveman and blog like a Ninja.. I use multiple blogs to reach my traffic goals. I monetize all my blogs . If you are reading this blog , chances are I have made a few different versions of this blog that all link together. Not only that but I also work making sure I get proper back linking to my sites with good services. I’m talking about back links from different IP address and quality links through buffer sites . One of the things people don’t realize is sending a thousand links to your main blog is actually hurting your site Because Google sees it as being unnatural to send thousands of back links from one IP address. This is also why I use buffer sites to drive traffic. I learned this Technique not to long ago but I have implemented it. Although it may take a few months to kick in full affect the end results are worth it. I have seen huge jumps in traffic from this technique .

Now RSS feeds and Standard SEO isn’t nothing Im new at , and believe me it’s not the easiest thing to master. But that’s where this exciting NEW blogging platform comes in play. By having my main blog linked to all these high PR rated sites it helps my personal blog clime in ranks. This is why I use blogs like LEVEL ONE NETWORK .

Let me remind you , When you generate a blog of your own it will be shown on their main home page and main RSS FEEDS That is so huge that its like blogging like a ninja!

Forget the Caveman way of doing things.. its time for the real deal … If you would like to blog like I do using multiple platforms to my advantage .. Get in touch with me or click the link to try Level One Network for you self.

The CaveMan Days are over. Its time we become ninjas With a Fresh start at a new blogging system. Designed for the caveman but works like a ninja,.


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If you would like to learn more visit the link to enroll

Level One Network

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