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Are you asking yourself why Youtube deleted your video? Well So is thousands of other people on the internet. Yes ! its happening all over the place. The other day i post a video that i made, completely 100% mine! I even spent all day editing it making it sure it was perfect. Within 10 views of me putting it on facebook it was removed. Since then i have had multiple videos removed. Stupid stuff! some videos where about 15 sec long and contained nothing but a simple title of a blog post. For example, I would normally take a small video and post it with a link to see my blog for more information on the certain topic. There were so many videos that made absolutely no sense to be removed.

I just couldn’t understand. It is my conclusion, its what i call “HATERS” some “JackAss” who has nothing better to do. Maybe he is involved in the same program as you . Maybe he just has no life! The bottom line is … Its clearly someone hating..

YOUTUBE DELETES YOUR VIDEO! How do i know you ask?

How do i know you ask? well, when this happen so suddenly i researched the web to see if i was the only one. To my surprise! I wasn’t! I read forum after forum and only to discover that many others have no explanation whats so ever. I read about one person who had a video of his dog walking in a public place with nothing against youtube rules. Now, why in the world would they remove that?

As I continued my investigation I realized there are so many people complaining about the same thing ! no one understands why . I found that even though youtube has alot of rules in place there is one thing they state is if a video gets alot of flags they will review it and determine if it needs to be taken down. Well, Unfortunately no one believes this is how its being done. In fact, most people believe that it only takes one person to just flag it and they will remove it without even looking at it. I have heard countless stories on this issue.

One guy was so mad he signed up with another account different name and uploaded a video with his first account. He then went on his second account flagged it and BOOM ! with out any email or contact from youtube it was deleted . Just like that it was gone with no views on the video..

This made me think well, my video was gone within 10 views ! i put it up on facebook the min i uploaded it! Its my understanding that someone on facebook flagged it. Someone (HATER) saw the video and flagged it . Once he flagged that one that provided a link to my other blogs he found all the marketing videos that advertised a certain company and flagged them.

YOUTUBE DELETES YOUR VIDEO Now why? Who really knows .. But i do know its clearly a low life that has no respect for others or worse failing in any business there in . Perhaps they are involved with the same companies and they cant make videos like i do.. more power to you. ..

The Youtube Video Solution

YOUTUBE DELETES YOUR VIDEO – The good thing is i have multiple youtube accounts. So i was able to upload my videos on another secret page that i do NOT post on my blog.. i also uploaded it on a ton of other video sites with i encourage you to do. One video site you can use is Vimeo it has a rank of 9 which i found is the same has youtube. Im not sure how strict this site is because i haven’t used it as much in the past.

You might say to yourself, wow that will take hours to upload to many other sites but, it only takes me less then 5 mins.

See i use this software called Magic Submitter . Its very easy way to get yours site listed on multiple sites at once with a click of a button ..

If your interested in learning more on the magic submitter just click here . They have a trial version i believe is $4.95 for your first month.. even if you only use for that month its totally worth it!

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