Why I bought in the Empower Network Best money making blog

By on December 20, 2011

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Why I bought in the Empower Network Best money making blog

Assuming you’re on this website in order to find simple tips to sign up for the Empower Network and learn about a few incredibly secret bonuses videos then read on..

If you haven’t learned about the Empower Network from David Wood still, Holy Cow! It’s going to blow your mind away. Just like it blew my mind away I think you will find it pretty interesting.

This business is all over the place, and whenever this happens I personally have my skeptical guards up , because let’s face it we all fell in that trap of all that garbage we find over the net promising us millions.. This isn’t like any of that, this is an actual platform designed to help any business out. Let me tell you, those guys know how to market!

The Empower Network has been so secretive…

When Empower network came out its was so secretive, its hard purchasing something you know very little about , but when you listen to David Wood speak and market his stuff , it’s incredible how this guy can market and he’s a amazing public speaker. Like I said in some of previous posts I don’t think I even I wanted to wait to watch his whole video. Naturally I did but he convinced me in 5 minutes and I’m not that easy to be convinced.

So if you’re like me you’re probably very skeptical too right now and that’s why you’re here. You don’t like hype and crazy pitches, you’re looking for clear information about this hype you been hearing all over the net. Am I right?

Let me start with ….

Why I bought in the Empower Network Best money making blog …

Here’s the thing, I always messed around online. For years I have been trying to build a successful online business. I know I can do it but I need the right tools to help me achieve these goals. I started way back almost 15 years ago when I set up a website with some program selling camping gear, I completely forgot the name but it’s how I started with the online business. I was never really successful with it but I think I made like $1000 in a few months. From there I got involved with affiliates. Affiliates are a great way to make income buy paying you a commission to market their products. You get a commission of 5-20% depending on company. I started to learn a lot at this time. I even learned how to build websites and started making little profit here and there. I currently make about $300-$1000 a month from commissions with different products I sell.

So what why did I get involved with empower network?

To give you the whole picture, I can tell you that I spent way too much money buying courses online. I spent hundreds of dollars for education around online/internet marketing because there were always new products, new launches coming out all the time. I wanted all of them, and it seemed like everything was so convincing . You keep telling your self , yes this will change my life, finally this is going to work for me only to find yourself back to square one all over again.

This is where people can feel overwhelmed to get started making money online. Let’s face it; you probably came across a ton of information promising you everything.
Is it happening to you too right now?

This is when I realized what I needed to help my business . I now have a much clearer view of what I need to make money online. I need a good system and training tools. Even though I know a lot of the technical stuff I lacked getting traffic, you can have the best product in the world but what good is it without traffic? It’s not.

So here is why I bought in the Empower Network because not only does it have amazing training tools and videos but I was able to gain incredible amount of traffic from the system. Let’s not forget and learn some of the industry’s secrets that you find in all the training in the back end. Because I had a chance to see the details in side I will share with you a few things.

Here is what the Empower Network is all about

There are currently 3 options available.

Empower Network Option 1 = $25/month
Empower Network best money making blog ..
For less than a diner for 2 you will get access to a blogging platform that will REMOVE ALL technical aspect of getting started with putting content online.
You will have INSTANT access to a blog already set up for you , you don’t have to worry about setting anything up or worry about any SEO which is what you get traffic from. Plus the blog is fully optimized with a very good top ranking on Google. That alone is worth so much more. You can blog almost about anything and have a much greater chance to be on top of search results. Think about it like this to install and maintain a blog of this magnitude you would pay $500 or more!


Empower Network Option 2 = $125/month ($25+$100)
Empower Network best money making blog Plus…
When you choose this option you get access to all the training videos, webinars, and conference calls updated weekly to help you put optimized content up and drive traffic to your site. Plus you can earn 100% commissions off the same product by selling to others. My Personal Favorite!


Empower Network Option 3 = $125/month + 1 time $500
Empower Network best money making blog Plus Even $3000 private mastermind training by David Wood…
This the mega package deal and includes all 1 and 2 options, if you looking for a fast start and a way to make even more money this is what you want! This also gives you access to the footage of $3000 private mastermind training David Wood had at his house in Costa Rica. That’s right people paid $3000 to attend this event, that’s how powerful it is. I understand this might not be in your budget, that’s why this is for serious people only. You can always start with the other 2 options and upgrade when you ready. I will tell you, I didn’t start with it right away but once I got inside I upgraded in 2 weeks and very glad I did. It gave me the chance to get the sneak peak of the new product 15K per month formula that hasn’t even been released yet! And it’s pretty powerful!


Why I bought in the Empower Network Best money making blog …

My conclusion:  I got in with Empower Network because it fits everything I’m doing right now in my online business. I realized why make 20% commissions when I can make 100% commissions! right? Makes a lot of sense to me.. Hope it does with you too.


Why would YOU want to get in the empower network?

For the exact same reason I got in! Does it fit your business plan…?
Reasons to join Empower Network

Ask yourself,
1) Does it fit what or need right now?
2) Do you want to get access to a non technical platform that you can leverage without knowing any technical stuff?
3) Do you want a system that’s run by David wood a well known internet marketing guru?
4) Do you want a system that pays you 100% Commissions? Unheard of in the affiliate world.
5) Are you super excited and $25 the cost to fill up your tank in your car you can’t resist?

So if you are serious about being part of the Empower Network  and making sure you get the traffic, the leads and the money you deserve. Then apply now Click here , add your email address and it will take you to the next page you can begin with your FREE VIDEO on David Wood And David Sharpe



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