15K per Month formula Review by Empower Network

By on December 16, 2011

15K per month Formula empower network

15K per Month formula Review by Empower Network

15K Per Month Formula 1st of 6 modules

Wow! Some exciting stuff is happening with Empower Network. This week anyone who upgraded to all products had a chance to see a sneak peak of the new launch of the 15K per Month formula. If you’re already with Empower Network and have all the products then you’re a step ahead of the game already like myself and many others. Empower network has compiled top earners in the industry for this amazing new product launch. With this first lesson we saw how some of the top earners like Kris Darty, Tracy Walker, just to name a few of the people that had fast results with empower network. Folks, I’m not kidding when I tell you these people are not any different then you and me. They applied the techniques that David wood and David Sharpe taught and the results were astounding!

More on the 15k per month formula with guest speakers

Kris introduced some of his tips called the 5 elements of good content with the top sites on the web such as alexa.com . Some of the top sites include Google, face book, YouTube yahoo, Amazon and a few others. He explained how these sites are on the top and why. For example Google gives good information and valuable information, face book is great for social interactions with people the same way our content should be social. YouTube is a search engine for video and focuses on entertainment, the same way our content should be entertaining.

Tracy Walker talked about Keyword Raking and how she raked for a keyword “why is it called black Friday” she goes on by explaining how to use “h1, h2, h3 “Tags In your article marketing. Some of the other things she mentioned, Use pictures with alt tags, keywords article, and title tags, and body of article. You should always have a keyword density of about 1% which is about 5 keywords in article and she warns not to overdo keywords as that would be called keyword stuffing. These were just some of the thing that were talked about in the new 15K per month formula lessons which will be available to your soon.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for upgrading and having the opportunity to be a part of this before it even comes out to the public. I will have an update on Thursday’s lessions in few days.

If you’re new to this and would like to know more on 15K per month formula or what to learn more about empower network I’ll let you in on a little secret video and ill give it to you for free here.. But SHH.. Keep this a secret! Check it out–> 15K per month formula

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